Date: 1st July 2019 at 6:40am
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Some Newcastle United have taken to to fume at for a tweet he posted about , in which he makes several claims to which fans have – naturally – reacted quite angrily to. And they have every right to call Keys – for example – “deluded”. One claim he makes is that Newcastle owner Mike Ashley was tired of ’s “moaning”, but the fact is that asking for ambition and a budget of more than £60million is not moaning at all. In fact, it would have allowed Benitez to do what he planned to do all along – take the club forward. Also, while Newcastle are of course not in danger of going bust any time, they are far from what fans would call financially stable, as if they were truly that, then the club would be able to spend as they please without having to worry about an owner who is so restrictive. So overall, these fans have every right to fume at Keys for the tweet below.

Nothing But Newcastle has rounded up some of the best tweets below: