Gibson: Fans don’t believe in Bruce

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Chronicle columnist John Gibson has claimed that he is worried for Newcastle United next season because the fans don’t believe in Steve Bruce.

A summer of upheaval and disappointment has led to widespread unrest on Tyneside, and the local journalist is of the opinion that such dissent could lead to trouble for the new manager.

Speaking on the Everything is Black and White podcast, Gibson said: “The worry I have for Newcastle United is the fans.

“The fans will not have Ashley, and that is understandable, because they’ve had 12 years of an owner who has given us two relegations and no silverware, whose height of ambition has appeared to be ‘let’s stay in the Premier League’, which is horrendous.

“My belief is that if Mike Ashley brings in a manager, whoever it is, and the fans are against that manager, Newcastle United are in a horrendous situation.

“Newcastle fans don’t believe in Steve Bruce.”


Gibson has a tendency to tell it like it is, and he’s bang on the money with his assessment of the situation at St. James’ Park again here. At the end of the day, Mike Ashley has been an albatross around the neck of Newcastle United for far too long. Throughout that period, the supporters have stood by the club because they are fiercely loyal and because doing anything else would be alien to them. Now, however, the time has come to really take a stand after a summer that has lurched between humiliating and downright concerning. If that means boycotting matches and supporting from afar then so be it. The only way that Ashley will go is if something significant gives. The only power the fans now have is to vote with their feet, and the sooner they can empty St. James’, regardless of who is in the dugout, the sooner they can hope to put this nightmare behind them once and for all.

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