Date: 5th July 2019 at 1:00pm
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It’s hard to think of a time in  ’s recent history when things have as uncertain as they are now, and that’s saying something. 

Despite 12 years of , and two relegations in that spell, the club are facing a period of upheaval like none before.

With no manager and several key positions to fill this summer, things would be pretty bad at the best of times, but the added complication of a prospective has really brought an unwelcome new dimension to proceedings.

Obviously, were it to go through, then the constant stress and bemusement would all be worth it, but with every passing day the deal looks more and more unlikely.

And the latest revelation from the Chronicle will do little to calm nerves.

In a very blunt post made on Friday morning (10.10), the local outlet said: “Our understanding this morning is that there is NO bid from the on the table at the moment.”

This has to be the final straw.

The Bin Zayed Group have been assertive since day one that they were going to wrap up a deal for the club, so to suddenly hear suggestions that they haven’t even bid is flummoxing and infuriating.

Time is running out for any buyer. Even if a takeover could be completed by the end of the window, you would have to wonder whether or not a new owner could make any kind of impact, and nobody wants to buy a club after a in case they are lumbered with a candidate.

The fact that there are no bids on the table at all, however, is downright worrying.