Date: 27th July 2019 at 12:00pm
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Michael Chopra has taken to to reiterate his calls for to sell Newcastle United.

The former has been vocal in his disapproval of the controversial owner’s regime on Tyneside in recent weeks, and shared a screenshot of a Sky News article detailing how Ashley’s Sports Direct company faces a tax bill of £605 million.

Chopra, writing on his personal account, accompanied the photograph with the caption: “Time to sell up Mike and pay the tax bill”.


Chopra is very quickly becoming a man of the people up on Tyneside. The local lad has come out of nowhere to stake his claim as a Robin Hood style figure, standing up to the rich and powerful for the sake of a fanbase that has rarely faced such barren times in the era. Whether anybody is listening is, of course, a different matter entirely, but the turn is that it is still positive that the Army have figures like Chopra to rally behind. is another one, as is Chronicle journalist John Gibson, but at times it must feel as if  are seriously lacking in people who understand their plight. This latest financial hiccup for Ashley may look like the sort of thing that could force him to cash in, but honestly, don’t be surprised if it only sees him dig his heels in even further.