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Bruce wants Carr

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must be delighted right about now. Not only has he all but ensured another year at the helm of a club that, despite the hostility, continues to be a tidy little earner for him, but he has also managed to do so whilst ousting a world class manager and seemingly bringing in a lifelong Geordie who will, according to the Mirror, become the lowest paid manager in the Premier League. The controversial business owner has done a number on  United, and while Bruce has not officially been appointed as boss, his imminent arrival would suggest that Ashley is continuing to run the club into the ground as he see fits. Perhaps that is unfair on Bruce, who is a fine manager who could yet do a fantastic job on Tyneside, but right now, it’s hard to see things any other way. And those suspicions will only be heightened by a footnote to the Mirror’s report that suggests Bruce wants to bring back to the north east with him. The former chief scout did a decent job during his first spell, unearthing talents like  and Papiss Demba Cisse, but his M.O. has always been cheap investments with view to making a sizeable profit when they flourish. Who does that remind you of? Ashley, somehow, continues to have the Army on strings. They better hope that their  campaign picks up some momentum, because right now, the businessman could sit in his ivory tower for years, laughing as he counts his coins.

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