Brazil and Harmison butt heads over Longstaff

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talkSPORT duo Alan Brazil and Steve Harmison have butted heads over Newcastle United midfielder Sean Longstaff amid Manchester United’s reported interest in him.

Sky Sports reported earlier this summer that the Premier League giants are interested in signing the 21-year-old, with the Metro claiming that a £30million bid is imminent, and Harmison can see why they’d want him.

“He only played a quarter of the season, but what is £30million worth now with the transfers that go?,” he asked on talkSPORT [25/07; 07:14]. “I think the kid’s special, I think he’s got something about him. I think he came in and he took to the Premier League very, very well, he works hard, he looks to pass the ball forward.”

Brazil, though, is less convinced: “Guys, have I missed something here? I know he’s only a kid. The guy I’m talking about is 30 – I’m talking about [Fabian] Delph, goes to Everton for £8million.

“This kid might be a good player – might – £50million against £8million? I’m sorry, I don’t get it.”


Both men make good points here, to be honest. Harmison is right, £30million is par for the course in the modern day transfer market. You only need to be a pretty good player to command that sort of fee, where previously you had to be world class. But, like Harmison says, Longstaff has got that something special about him. He’s a quality operator, mature beyond his years, who took the top flight by storm over the second half of last season. However, it’s difficult to argue with Brazil, as well. The point he makes about Delph is a good one. The England international is more experienced, versatile and is more of a leader than Longstaff. £8million for him was an absolute bargain for the Toffees. Having said that, you pay for potential and always have done. Young players will always cost more than older ones, because you’re paying them for a longer period. So Longstaff is always going to be more than triple the price of someone like Delph, but you can’t go wrong with either man, really.

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