Benitez sends message to Newcastle fans

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Former manager has dropped a hint that he could return to St James’ Park someday in the future.

The Spaniard officially left the club earlier this month and is already employed at Chinese club Dalian Yifang. However, there remains a possibility he could one day come back to St James’ Park.

“I expect to do well with and after that to come back to the UK,” he said, as per The Chronicle. “I don’t know when.

“But you are always happy to come back where people appreciate your effort and commitment – and ’s fans have been one of the best in my management career.”


clearly made a point, here, to say that the Newcastle FANS were a highlight of his managerial career, not working at Newcastle in general under Mike Ashley. It’s the supporters who really made his time in the north east particularly memorable. Working under Ashley’s tyrannical grip would be absolutely harrowing, you imagine. Seemingly it was, because Benitez has run all the way to to wipe his tears with all the money he’ll be getting over there. But the adoration he received from means that a return to the can never be ruled out for him, as long as the club is under new ownership. There’s simply no way that and Ashley will ever work together again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Spaniard won’t someday end up back at St James’ Park. There’s an exciting thought for the Newcastle faithful, and make no mistake.

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