Date: 23rd June 2019 at 11:14am
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Many Newcastle United fans will no doubt feel even more anxious about their club’s chances of keeping Rafa Benitez after Georgie Bingham remarked on his situation.

The host of talkSPORT’s Weekend Sports Breakfast shared that from what she understood, Benitez’s agent had actively started looking for another club for him to manage, just in case he doesn’t resolve his situation with the Magpies.

“And from what I understand, Benitez’s agent has been quite actively looking for somewhere else for Benitez to go, should he not managed to resolve this situation with Newcastle,” said Bingham on talkSPORT (8:21am, Sunday, June 23rd).

“And from what I can see today nearly every newspaper says he is going.”

It makes a lot of sense for Benitez’s agent to be lining up his client’s next move, with outlets like The Sun reporting that Benitez is set to leave the Magpies when his contract expires on June 30th, but it does worryingly imply that there isn’t a whole lot of belief that the manager isn’t leaving Newcastle.

If anything, it makes it seems like Benitez has one foot out of the door already because his agent, who he is likely close to, is already imagining a life after Newcastle.

Many Newcastle fans will therefore feel anxious over Bingham’s remarks as it paints the picture that the worst situation is about to happen, and that is one that sees Benitez walk out the door.

Benitez guided the Magpies to a 10th placed finish in the Premier League in the 2017/18 season before following that up with a 13th placed finish in the latest campaign, and he did that while not being given a huge transfer budget.

Newcastle spent only £53.78million (Source: Transfermarkt) across the last two transfer windows, which is mere peanuts when you consider the likes of West Ham and Fulham both spent in the region of £100million in the summer window alone, and this shows how impressive a job Benitez has done at St James Park.

With this in mind, many Newcastle fans are surely aware it’ll be hard for the club to find a manager on the same level as Benitez and that is a concern.

Also given that the Chronicle reported that three of Benitez’s coaches would follow him out the door if he goes and pre-season looming, Benitez’s exit would leave the club in a mess.

So after hearing Bingham’s claim that Benitez’s agent is actively working to line-up his next move, many Magpies fans are probably worried beyond belief.