Date: 29th June 2019 at 11:30am
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Neither Steven Gerrard nor Eddie Howe will leave their current posts to take the vacant manager’s post at Newcastle United, according to Chronicle journalist John Gibson.

The hunt for a new boos has begun on Tyneside after it was confirmed that Rafa Benitez will not be extending his current deal with the Toon Army.

But Gibson has been quick to rule out any sort of move for Gerrard or Howe, who manage Rangers and Bournemouth respectively.

Writing in a piece for the Chronicle, Gibson said: “I cannot see Steven Gerrard leaving Glasgow Rangers to hotfoot it over Hadrian’s Wall and land at our beloved cathedral on the hill, nor can I visualise Eddie Howe leaving Bournemouth’s south coast hospitality to put his future in the hands of a seriously predictable Ashley or the uncertainty of a new owner.

“Incredibly, Howe can splash more cash where he is than he could up here while Gerrard has seen his old Champions League-winning boss quit the Toon because of the club’s lack of ambition.

“Ashley let go a guy Gerrard rates as “one of the best coaches in the world” which hardly makes you think Stevie Boy will view this as a person he must work for to enhance his blossoming new career.”


Gibson couldn’t be more on the money with this one. The fact of the matter is that the Newcastle job should be one of the most desirable in the country. Instead, it is a poisoned chalice that any manager worth his salt should avoid like the plague. The Toon Army are a sleeping giant, make no mistake, but whole Mike Ashley remains at the reins, there is little to no chance of them ever stirring form tier slumber. The club needs a shock of electricity to get it going again, but instead it is stumbling around in a malaise, unable to get itself on track and seemingly unwilling to realise when it is on to a good thing. What kind of environment is that for a manager to work in, especially for a young manager like Gerrard or Howe? One day, hopefully soon, Newcastle will be a place to be again, for now, managers are bet of steering well, well clear.