Date: 28th June 2019 at 12:30pm
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Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has cast doubt over the Bin Zayed Group’s proposed takeover over of Newcastle United.

The Dubai-based consortium have been heavily linked with a move for the Magpies this summer, but as of yet have not managed to wrap a deal up.

And Maguire is unsure as to whether they will ever be able to.

Speaking to the Chronicle, he said: “I’ve got quite a lot of caution in regard to the way it’s being conducted.

“It’s a high profile club and a one city club and when anything happens at Companies House, for example, I will get Newcastle fans asking me ‘What does this mean?’ I feel like the fans are almost willing it through but it has dragged on for six weeks.

“Due Diligence should have been completed by now and if it was where it was supposed to be, we’d be nearing a conclusion now.”


This certainly doesn’t make for pleasant reading for Newcastle fans. The Toon Army are hoping and praying that this deal gets tied up, but every time it feels as if they can afford themselves a little bit of hope, somebody like Maguire pops up to deliver a sobering blow that brings them crashing back down to reality. The fact of the matter is that things have been stuck in the mud ever since the story broke a few weeks ago. Even if things are working away behind the scenes, nobody is seeing any evidence of that, and it would be naive to assume that things are going swimmingly without any kind of proof. Maybe Maguire is wrong, and maybe everybody will be caught off guard by a sudden announcement, but experts are experts for a reason, and this latest comment is a worrying one indeed. For now, the nervous wait goes on.