Date: 14th April 2019 at 2:38pm
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Newcastle United fans don’t want much.

The Toon Army aren’t asking for titles or trophies, nor are they asking for astronomical transfer fees or anything too fancy.

All they really want is for Mike Ashley to clear out of their club, and for them to be given a chance to at least compete on some level with sides who they should theoretically be dwarfing.

All of that seems quite a long way off, however, with the owner’s propensity for false promises and collapsed sales meaning that hopes are often elevated for no good reason.

When all is said and done, they need some clarity and some logic, and they might have found it from an unlikely source; Ian Wright.

The Match of the Day pundit has become an unlikely ally of the Magpies, frequently expressing his admiration for the club, and criticising Ashley’s ownership.

And he was at it again on Saturday night.

Speaking on Match of the Day, as quoted in the Chronicle, he said: “You are talking about £300m for Newcastle. I think it is a bargain for someone. With the players (Rafa) has got, people saying it is a Championship side and they have stayed up comfortably.

“The man needs some help. Unbelievable. The amount of fans they brought to Leicester. Amazing Newcastle.”

Wright’s comments will be bittersweet for fans. On the one hand, it hand it shows that their are neutrals out there who understand the predicament they face.

On the other, it must also be infuriating to know that reason is out there, but those who matter most don’t take any notice of it.

Wright is probably right. £300 million could prove to be a worthwhile investment for somebody, but until some benevolent philanthropist takes a gamble on a dormant giant, Newcastle fans will keep crying themselves to sleep.