The fact that Newcastle had a great opportunity to sign Luka Modric before he became a success will undoubtedly make them kick themselves. He has gone on to become a great success, and they will be frustrated that the then vice president of player recruitment blocked any sort of move. Who knows how Modric would have got on if he made the move to Tyneside when he did – there is even the chance that he may not have made the move to Real Madrid. Newcastle would have had the privilege of seeing him progress, but it was a massive error on their part that Modric never signed for them. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented players of his generation – as demonstrated at this summer’s World Cup – and all Newcastle can do now is wonder what would have been if he was a United player rather than a player for the current Champions League winners. Keegan obviously recognised the potential that Modric had before anybody else – and it is a shame that he was not backed by his club.