Date: 10th July 2018 at 12:15pm
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Things are never simple when it comes to Newcastle and transfers. For once, it seemed like there would be one that would be relatively straightforward, with Chelsea attacker Kenedy heading back on loan.

A Chelsea reporter from the Evening Standard claimed that he was set for his medical on Tuesday and that he would join with a clause to make his move permanent next year.

Barring a permanent deal this summer, which was never really on the cards, this is what Newcastle fans wanted – and it seemed to make a lot of sense.

Lee Ryder, a Chronicle journalist, disputed this on Tuesday and said that the Kenedy deal was a straight loan, with no option to buy.

However, it seems that things might not be so clear cut. Simon Johnson from the Standard then tweeted saying he should clarify his earlier position.

He said that while there ins’t an option to buy for Kenedy at a set price, he believes that Newcastle have the first option to discuss a price with Chelsea next summer – which would give fresh hope to a long-term deal for the talented attacker.

The big problem with this is that if Kenedy has a standout season, Chelsea will be able to name their price for him and they’ll have Newcastle over a barrel.

If Newcastle can’t afford the fee and other clubs can, Newcastle will miss out. If he has a poor season, he would be a much less attractive proposition anyway.

The main thing is that Kenedy is a Newcastle player for next season – it’s important to not lose sight of that.

However, beyond that, this deal doesn’t seem to be have been structured optimally for Newcastle, and if he plays as well as fans are hoping, they could be in for a crushing disappointment next summer.