Newcastle star feels like ****

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daryl janmaatNewcastle’s 1-0 loss to Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium on Wednesday was another Premier League embarrassment. In a game littered with poor performances, even from dependable Rob Elliot who was at fault for the goal, more passion and emotion was shown by one player after the game than 10 players during it.

In a dog of a season, there are few players who deserve to hold their head up, but Dutch defender Daryl Janmaat is one of them. The 26-year-old right back continues to give his all, often looking like Newcastle’s most dangerous attacking threat from the back and putting those to shame around him.

Following the final whistle on Wednesday, the travelling Toon Army were understandably frustrated (they could have spent their time better utilising the promo code on Virgin games), with abuse being directed at manager Steve McClaren. Daryl took exception to this and in the heat of the moment confronted the Newcastle fans and has since reflected on that moment.

Janmaat told Mirror Football: “I was very emotional after the game. We had lost. I understand the fans are not happy, but neither are the players. It was not my intention to ‘confront’ them. I did not want to get in a confrontation. It was more like I wanted to show I care, and say, ‘Look I care. Look, we need you now. We need you because it is a really important period, the next couple of months. Look, I understand you are angry. I am angry as well.’”

The Dutchman dismissed claims that the players aren’t behind the manager as “b******t” and continued: “It is not true that we don’t care. I know my team-mates and they are care about everything at the club. Everyone wants success. No one likes to be near the bottom of the table. It is professional pride. It is a fantastic club. Not just for your own pride but for everybody in the city. We want success.”

Janmaat concluded: “I have a good relationship with fans. I wanted to hear what they were feeling. We all felt like s**t losing like that in the 80th minute. We understand they are angry. We have got to win. This is the only result that counts. Go for that and we’ll all be happier. I hope to confront the fans after the game. Maybe some high fives!”

Let’s hope Daryl Janmaat gets some high fives after the match against Bournemouth this afternoon – not many other players deserve to.

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