Chelsea trumping Tottenham to have negative impact on Magpies

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Tom Ince BlackpoolAs it looks like Chelsea are set to trump Tottenham Hotspur in the signing of forward Willian, the impact for Newcastle United in the transfer market could well be a negative one, as it may force Spurs to turn their attentions back to Blackpool winger Tom Ince.

Newcastle continue to lag behind in this summer’s transfer window, as today they missed out on another reported target, with Scott Sinclair moving from Manchester City to West Brom on a season-long loan.

Sinclair was one player who could have filled the left-sided midfield berth for the Magpies, thought to be the one area of the squad they are looking to fill, along with a striker of course.

So, with Sinclair off the market, attentions could turn to England U21 international Tom Ince, who is a player in high demand right now.

The former Liverpool winger is being tracked by Newcastle, along with Everton and Tottenham, with the latter being incredibly active in the transfer window.

However, it looks like Spurs are going to miss out on the signature of Willian, which looked to be all but a done deal, as Chelsea have moved in at the last minute.

This could result in Tottenham looking to Ince instead, meaning that Newcastle would have to move quickly if they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss out on another signing.

Given what’s happened to date though, don’t expect anything to happen quickly on Tyneside, although the fact that his dad Paul won’t let Tom sit on a Premier League bench could favour the Toon.

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  • fornenced says:

    Absolutely no chance of Tottenham wanting Tom Ince. Newcastle can have him he’s a Newcastle type player. Middle of the road.

  • SuperSpurs says:

    I’d be more worried that it will mean we go after Cabaye IF Chelscum get Willian

    • chris baker says:

      Like the comments typical chelsea cant get any one so they decide to jack everybodys transfers let them have him avb proving to be the better manager he was wasted at chelsea

  • zico says:

    Ince is an Arsenal fan. He admitted it on TalkSport a couple of days ago. Just can’t see him going to Spurs. Don’t worry.

    • BWSpur says:

      I’d be more worried if he did come to Spurs, as it’d be an amazing waste of money! Every winger we have – Townsend, Lennon, Chadli and (soon to be) Lamela blow Ince out of the water. I’d happily see him go anywhere but Spurs…I’d also happily see Chelsea take Willian to plonk on their bench, and we’ll go for someone like Erikssen who is cheaper but with better stats.

  • mr chelsea says:

    i don’t knw wot chelsea won use willian for afta dey got all type of midfilder dat is in world football in dia hand,wot chelsea nid now is beta striker like rooney or lewy”up chelsea

  • chris baker says:

    Typical chealsea only go for one transfer thats rooney they get nocked bac and try to take a good player from us Tottenham marino your a joke should of stayed in spain

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