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Another Christmas, another year, soon to-be another season and of course another transfer window.

The January transfer window is fast approaching, causing newspapers to make, spread and publish transfer rumours left, right and centre. As always Newcastle United are at the centre of them all. Whether it’, Geordie boy Andy Carroll on the way back to the Toon or a leading goal scorer wanting more money to kick a ball.

But one thing what doesn’t seem to go away is the fact that Newcastle United seem to be interested in an exchange deal over transfer target Loic Remy. Apparently Newcastle are willing to offer, Gabriel Obertan or Sylvain Marveaux to Marseille for a cut price transfer.

Not only did this strike me as odd, but it also angered me. Granted, neither winger has hit the ground running during their time at Newcastle, but they have a future, whereas Jonas Gutierrez doesn’t. Anyone who reads my other articles knows I’m not much of a fan of our vice-captain, and I am here to tell you why he should be offered as a swap deal instead of our Frenchmen.

Firstly, Obertan and Marveaux have potential. Potential that has started to shine in our mid-week European games. Obertan has shown his blistering speed, while of late due to injury, Newcastle have had to call in Marveaux to help get the job done. And he is starting to show his class; he managed to grab a goal earlier this season and we are seeing his flare now. Given more confidence he is close to playing like a Ben Arfa.

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But Jonas doesn’t do anything! I urge each week for Pardew to either drop him to the bench or sub him! His passing is way off and as we brought him as a winger to provide and score he does neither! He has had countless appearances for us now resulting in a handful of goals. I think the only reason he gets played every week is the fact that he has a matured mind – he can help boss the midfield. But he is so obvious! When marking he points who to mark, making it completely obvious to the opposition which side lacks defence.

But on rare occasions he does show class. He has the ability to run past defenders and score. But this happens once in a while. You can’t bank on him to win a game. During our Championship season Hughton asked Jonas to add goals to his game, so you have to guess the staff know this is a lacking area as well.

We know he isn’t going to get better and he isn’t getting younger, it’s only a matter of time before his legs slow down and he is completely useless. However, he is good at getting back and helping the defence, so why doesn’t Pardew place Santon on the favoured right side of defence, drop Jonas into a left back position and everyone is happy? The bottom line his passing is appalling! He can’t even play a decent pass! Balls that are passed to him get deflected off his heels, resulting in a throw in, and he doesn’t play enough killer balls. We know what he can provide and it’s not enough for a Newcastle player (which is why it was even more bizarre when he signed a long term contact some time ago, is he just there to keep Coloccini happy?)

And in our next match watch out for these bad traits of his and you too will agree. Let’s hope Pardew will come to his senses and sub him early on.

So don’t exchange players who can offer us something, swap the proven flop.

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  • tightarsebramble says:

    “And in our next match watch out for these bad traits of his and you too will agree.”

    Yes, but if you specifically watch out for bad traits then any player will look shit.

    He’s been a good servant to the club and although he hasnt been as effective down the left since Jose went, he still has something to offer. I think he’d be better with Ferguson behind, and Santon replacing Simpson at right back.

    I don’t think he’d have a place in our best XI, especially a 4-2-3-1 but he’s a versatile and respected member of the squad.

  • andrew kirkham says:


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