FIVE players Newcastle should ship out

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Nile Ranger and Mehdi AbeidFollowing Newcastle’s European defeat to Bordeaux earlier this month, Alan Pardew revealed that he plans to ship some of the youngsters out on loan.

Speaking to NufcTV Pardew had this to say “Our younger players will take a lot from this though. One or two need to go out on loan now and really nail down their position. They need to do a lot better to put on the Newcastle shirt.”

This came after the young side that was fielded didn’t play to their “expected” best. So what players should we expect Newcastle to ship out? In all honesty, all or as many as possible.

Nile Ranger:
This lad has finally decided to put his boots on and act like a footballer and it’s exciting for the fans to see a different style of striker to play up front. It’s hard to judge if Ranger will be loaned at and it’s even harder to judge if this player is considered one of the youngsters still, as he’s had 50 plus appearances and has already been out on loan twice already. But we are limited on strikers as it is… But given Neil’s risky attitude it may be a risk to damage his development with making him feel unworthy by sending him out on loan.

Sammy Ameobi:
Expectations are high for this lad, and we have already seen glimpses of that class to come. Pardew has stated in recent press interviews that Sammy is going to be a big player for us. That being said it didn’t stop Pardew from subbing Sammy halfway through the European game. And it was justified, as he got into good positions but his passing was way off the mark. So you can only guess that Pardew’s remarks are aimed towards him. And personally I would love him to go out on loan, he is already a great player. So imagine what a loan chance would do; clubs must be lining up for him!

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James Tavernier:
Another tricky one, especially as the right back position is one of concern for Newcastle. But James didn’t bring anything new to the table, he lacked creativity with his passes. Which may be a reason why Pardew seems to deploy James in the centre back position. But Tav seems a long way away from being a first team player. He needs to learn about the game more and develop his mind.

Shane Ferguson:
Were Fergie’s 3 assists this season class or just luck as the opposition didn’t know that much about him? Shane seems to be one of Pardew’s favourites, but he is struggling to provide any assists in recent games. And it seems hard to see what position fits him best; left back or midfield. It’s easy to daydream how good Shane could be in a strong Championship side and you can see that Shane needs the experience. He ball watches too much, on the last few games he has stood on the line when defending corners, but he simply watches the ball and forgets to react. But maybe in years to come with some first team experience he could be our future Ryan Taylor.

Mehdi Abeid:
I like this lad and it’s easy to see how hungry he is for the chance. He fights for the ball, and sometimes he is a bit selfish. Which I like, as it shows he wants to impress and make a mark. He came close with an effort which went just wide of the goal in our Europa League match. It was reported that a loan chance was already lined up for Abeid earlier in the year, but he refused it. So even if he is to be loaned, there’s a chance it might not follow through. Thoughts were high for this lad when we signed him, and he even featured heavily in pre-season. But he seems to have fallen out of the spotlight of late. He seems to be a good attacking midfielder, he chases the ball and knows what he wants to do with it. But knowing is different from doing. And with a loan chance, that could change. He just needs to learn how to use the ball better when it matters (reports earlier this month indicate Abeid has agreed with Pardew that a loan agreement will be the best decision for him).

After all this should be seen as a positive sign. Not only will sending the lads out give them more first team experience and broaden their skills. But Pardew wouldn’t loan players out unless we could cover them. So this is an almost certain indication we will get new players in January!

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  • Kevin says:

    Yeah, because shipping out 5 promising youngsters when our squad is already paper thin is just a brilliant idea.
    Clearly the writer of this article has no idea of the type of players that those aforementioned youths are; Ameobi, Tavernier, Abeid all the ability to play at the top level sooner rather than later.

    Then again, this site being a product of the FootballFanCast network doesn’t surprise with its lack of quality content.

    • steve says:

      I agree kevin tavernier will deffo be a big player for us as well as sammy not sure about abeid mite not be happy as he’s not even on bench anymore.blog sites cause a lot of crappy stories as well as armchair bloggsters!

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