PICTURE: Proof that Arsenal will sign Cabaye?

Image for PICTURE: Proof that Arsenal will sign Cabaye?

Newcastle midfielder Yohan CabayeThe latest Newcastle United transfer news suggests that Arsenal will be bidding for star Magpies midfielder Yohan Cabaye before the transfer window shuts on Friday, with plenty of money being put on the move at www.freebets.org.uk. There’s even been club shop imagery on Twitter appearing to show that you can buy an Arsenal shirt with the Frenchman’s name on the back, but is this proof that he will join the Gunners this week?

With a little over 48 hours to go until the transfer window shuts, Newcastle are nearly there and have done well to hold onto all of their star players thus far. However, with Arsenal having sold Alex Song to Barcelona, Arsene Wenger has money burning a hole in his pocket that could be put towards the purchase of Yohan Cabaye.

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Cabaye had an excellent first season on Tyneside and as a result his value has rocketed from less than £5 million, the amount that Newcastle paid Lille for the services of the Frenchman a little over 12 months ago, to somewhere in the region of £20m.

Whether Newcastle would even sell at that price remains to be seen, and we’ll only know if they would if Arsenal make a firm bid in the coming days, but a picture is doing the rounds on Twitter, which is getting Gunners fans very excited indeed.

It was Tweeted earlier today by @AFC_Followers this morning and appears to show the Arsenal club shop website this morning and the ability to purchase an Arsenal shirt with Cabaye and the number 17 on the back, a squad number not currently used by the Gunners.

So what do you make of the following photo? Has to be fake…

Here’s a much better image Tweeted by @NUFCrumours with the following text: “Yes, Cabaye’s name on the #AFC website is real…..for sure….here’s a list of their other new signings….#NUFC”

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  • julio laker says:

    Conveniently the 17 vacated by Song but why would he want a reserve number when he’s 4 here?

    • Nessy says:

      Y would the number matter hazard 17 he is a 7 or 10,they get there chosen number when they have proven them selfs and the number is availbal…..doush !!!

  • John says:

    This is fake or has been removed. Check the Arsenal site.

  • Alan says:

    Its fake, that line reads Bendtner on the Arsenal site. Someone’s been pulling your plonker!

  • james says:

    that is a load of rubbish!!! I have just looked on the arsenal shop page.

  • Popcorn says:

    There are so many indicators within these two pictures pointing towards this being fake, and whilst i love cabaye as a player i think arsene is looking for a much more defensive minded midfielder.

  • Paul says:

    Absolute load of Tosh, gooners are to thick to realise that we might actually look on there site not only that its not a page from the “official” site anyway
    Mind you the idiots from talksport think there’s something in it then again they think messi will move to Wolves in January

  • Dylan says:

    If its real it’s been removed.

  • wambam says:

    I can’t believe some of you have actually gone onto the arsenal site to check. lmao.

  • Smudger says:

    Can’t wait to see Billy the Fish in an Arsenal shirt, I’ve heard he’s the new Messi.

  • kieran says:

    Its a screen shot that has been photo shopped but that does not mean we wont loose cabaye unfortunatly at newcastle wvwn the tea lady has her sell on price

  • Yohan cabaye is the player we need please buy him before the transfer close pleaseee!

  • cant wait for the end of the window

  • jonathan says:

    Arsenal shud buy M’villa not cabaye

  • keegans perm says:

    come on toon army lets charge them 25MILLION cos their no better then us. if they want this this french passer they better pay.

  • jeff says:

    Spurs seem better the gooners

    • Jsparks says:

      Shut up punk spurs will never be as good as arsenal we are and always will be da best club in London and soon da world spurs are sh#* up the gunners 4l life

    • porciestreet says:

      Wash your mouth out with Fairy liquid. Brentford are better than the Spuds and as for the Arse, well enough said. Howaaaay the Lads.!!

  • Gooner says:

    Yeah right! “they are not better than us”……bla bla bla. Remind me again, is Newcastle united in the champs league this season?………..try 15 consecutive seasons of champs league football, that’s the kind of thing that gets you the good players, not a decent top 10 finish. Use your brain not your mouth, before saying some things!!!

  • elldog37 says:

    typical gooners happy with qualification of ucl only and not winning anything…. Again

  • Disprin Dave says:

    Everybody is supposing we want to sign Cabaye, I’ve seen him play, he’s mediocre at best

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