Newcastle pipped by Manchester United in this battle?

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Demba Ba v Spurs’s signing of Arsenal’s this week has given them an awesome striking partnership, as the Dutchman will line up alongside Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford, but will they strike as much fear into defenders as Newcastle’s Senegalese duo of Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse?

There are few high class striking partnerships in the Premier League right now, as many of the top teams play with a front three – something Newcastle switched to against yesterday evening.

However, with signing Robin van Persie, now has the top two goal scorers in the Premier League last at his disposal.

RVP netted 30 times in the league for Arsenal, while Wayne Rooney scored 27 goals for Man United, so with 57 between them they’re way out in front as far as the stats are concerned.

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As for the two Dembas, Ba hit 16 last season, most of which were scored before Christmas, while Cisse scored 13 times after he arrived in January, so with 29 they’re some way behind Man ’s new striking pair.

It’s not all about goals though, with Ba and Cisse, the former in particular, providing much more of a physical threat and they are far more dangerous in the air.

With his sweet strike against yesterday, Ba has already shown that he’s in the mood this and few defences will relish coming up against him and his countryman.

What we don’t know is how well Rooney and van Persie will link up, as while they look good on paper, they might not click as you’d expect them to.

I’m certainly happy with Ba and Cisse, and you won’t find many Newcastle fans swapping the two Dembas for any other strikers in European football, but if you did then Rooney and RVP would probably be those players.


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  • richard says:

    Ba and Cissee are not even in the same zip code…WTF

    • toony says:

      ZIP ?????? i think you might find its a post code in England.And anyhow what a retarded response the Ba/cisse partnership produced 15 goals and a few assists last/this season Rooney/RVP is untested yet so you might want to keep your over rated opinion to yourself pal until the end of the season.

    • micthemag says:

      we see this season wen we take another three points of u again this season hahaha

  • Steve says:

    Good job we don’t have zip codes

  • funky says:

    Self indulgent crap

  • Matt says:

    Not Tevez and Aguero? Oscar and Torres might turn out to be a bit special too this season.

  • toontune says:

    i need some toon followers

  • porciestreet says:

    Typical Bo***cks from a Manure fan. Still we know what to expect.!Hawaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  • micthemag says:

    i would say man city probs have the best strike force in england at the minute aguero tevez ballotelli we have cisse n ba all cred to man city hope the stuff it up united again this season cmon lthe blues from a toon fan

  • Julian Olivier-Myall says:

    Zip Codes???? Zip Codes??? just goes to show where the average Man United fan comes from!!The patriotism of the Ameerican owners in now flowing from the Arses of the Man United fans…Sort it out numpties

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