VIDEO: Hatem Ben Arfa scores a worldy goal of Champions League quality!

Image for VIDEO: Hatem Ben Arfa scores a worldy goal of Champions League quality!

Newcastle United have Hatem Ben Arfa to thank for sitting in 5th position in the Premier League table this evening, level on points with Tottenham in 4th and just two points behind Arsenal in third prior to 6th place Chelsea’s visit to Fulham tonight.

The 25-year-old Frenchman scored an absolutely sensational goal against Bolton in a tight match, with Ben Arfa’s solo effort in the 73rd minute breaking the deadlock, before Papiss Cisse scored his 10th goal in nine games to make it 2-0 and seal the three points.

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However, it is Ben Arfa’s wonder goal that will rightfully take all the headlines and is comparable to his effort in the FA Cup against Blackburn Rovers at St James’ Park earlier in the season.

In what was a flat performance from Newcastle and a pretty dull game, Ben Arfa set the match alight with a surging run that left half a dozen Bolton defenders for dead.

Hatem picked up the ball in his own half and ran straight at the Bolton backline, showing a fair bit of pace in the process.

He beat a number of players, showing great close control and surging into the box before calmly poking the ball past Adam Bogdan in the Bolton goal.

Words fail to do this goal justice, so just watch the video instead…

Here it is again, along with Cisse’s strike…

This goal is definitely of Champions League quality. Hopefully Hatem Ben Arfa can lead Newcastle to Europe’s premier competition this season.


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  • dave says:

    cant wait till next season when newcastle show how similar they are to villa a few seasons ago when they got close to champions league football only to have a poor season afterwards, newcastle dont deserve to be in the top 10 never mind the top 20!!! from not a sunderland fan, despite what you may think by my comment, might even replicate birmingham and get relegated 😀 cant wait!

  • Lo says:

    Oh oh, raging Liverpool fan spotted here. U mad bro ?

    Look, let’s have a look at those goals again, you might see some good players to buy for some bags of gold. Look at that Ameobi guy, good isn’t it ? I’ll let you get him for, let’s see… 30M£ ? Sounds a good price bro, look at that pass, look at that pace, that strength !

    Ahah, cheers mate, see you in european football ! Oh, wait… See you.

  • torrio says:

    hahahaahh dave- funny how you dont mention the team you support- the league doesn’t lie you dumbass- we have got truely world class players, all the newcastle fans knew it but its about time everyone else realises it. p.s. why are you thinking about next season oh u must support a shit team who haven’t got anything to talk about hahahaahahahahahaahahahahha pardewss black and white armyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • tony says:

    Dave , is that bitterness from sucking on a big bunch of sour grapes or what.Suck it up princess if your not a mackum then your a liverpool fan and you need to get out of the shadow of the glory years of the seventies and eighties and realise that your perceived right of entry into the top four/europe elite has gone.Liverpool need to move onwards from the past and rebuild a once great tradition starting with removing The ghost of Christmas past from the managers office until then get used to watching shite overpriced over paid donkeys.Ps tell “King Kenny” we have a highly rated spanish player worth about 25mill called Xsisco it would be a bargain at todays prices .

  • Vibes1980 says:

    Dave’s obviously a Mackem, No wonder he didn’t want to admit it! Aww wassamatter, Newcastle getting all the attention again? Nobody interested in your little fishing village? Aww bless…Grow a beard and get a bath ya mug.

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