Is Danny Simpson just the first Newcastle casualty of many?

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More and more Newcastle United players are joining Twitter, but it appears that one of Newcastle’s most prolific Tweeters has given up the ghost. Danny Simpson has called it a day on Twitter after receiving lots of abuse from so-called Newcastle fans, but will other Newcastle players join him in abandoning the social network in the near future?

I think it’s fair to say that Danny Simpson is not one of Newcastle’s most popular players. The right back is continually belittled by many members of the Toon Army and his ability is not recognised by many fans. The level of abuse Simpson received on Twitter was ramped up on Monday night after he was seen to be at fault for Thomas Vermaelen’s winner for Arsenal against Newcastle at The Emirates.

After getting plenty of far from friendly messages, Simmo decided to speak out about it. He Tweeted: “Time to delete this. Never read so much s**t in my life.” He further said: “Hurts to read that stuff when you’re trying your best and working hard every day”, despite receiving support from former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville who himself Tweeted: “Stick with it. Words come and go! Don’t block them just laugh and think that they are thinking of you and not their own life”.

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It is a real shame that Danny Simpson has been forced off Twitter by ‘fans’ who should be supporting their team and not abusing its players. Twitter is a great way to get closer to footballers that we’re usually so distant from and getting insights into their feelings and activities. As a regular Tweeter Simmo was one of the best at that, but not anymore.

The other side of the coin takes Neville’s argument that Premier League footballers should be able to accept criticism, and while it’s never water off a duck’s back, they should be thick skinned and not let it affect them. Why people go on Twitter to abuse their players is beyond me, but you just have to disregard their opinion and accept that not everyone will praise you, but there are plenty of people out there that will.

It’s sad to see Danny Simpson leave Twitter and if some Newcastle fans have their way he’ll be leaving the Magpies soon enough as well. In time I’m sure other Newcastle players will log out of their Twitter account for good, as Simpson becomes the first casualty of many.

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  • Rich says:

    the author of this really needs to get off his soap box. I can’t say I’ve used twitter, but if FANS (not going to use your “so called” prefix) want to tell a player he’s had a bad game then so be it.

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