Newcastle should listen to what Manchester United’s fans are saying

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There has been much confusion about Newcastle’s pursuit of Manchester United youngster Ravel Morrison. Man United gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson has said that they’ve turned down a bid from the Magpies for the midfielder, but Alan Pardew this week stated that Newcastle haven’t made a firm approach for the 18-year-old. The big question, though, is whether Newcastle should be making a move for another Man United reject?

Trouble seems to have followed Ravel Morrison around in recent years. Early last year he admitted two counts of witness intimidation and he hasn’t always knuckled down and worked as hard as he could. Rio Ferdinand has Tweeted: “Certain kids need their heads banging, they don’t see what they got within reach, if only they FOCUSED 100%. Fix up, Make It Count”, which many people believe was aimed at United youngster Morrison.

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Red Flag Flying High editor Justin Mottershead had this to say about Morrison in a recent article. “Troubled, gifted, mercurial, idiot, genius, the amount of adjectives used to describe the ‘skilful’ Ravel Morrison could fill several books, such is the talent, yet seemingly destructive temperament of the youngster. United have now had enough of waiting to see whether the Wythenshawe born lad will ‘sort his head out’ and have finally decided to get rid of him.” Vikesh Chevli also wrote an article titled ‘I will not be sad to see Ravel Morrison leave Man Utd’ on the same site.

That’s not exactly a glowing reference for Ravel from fans of his current club, but is he worth taking a risk on as far as Newcastle are concerned? A move in the summer for another player who didn’t make it Old Trafford, Gabriel Obertan, hasn’t worked out to date and Pardew must be wary of bringing a potentially destructive influence into the St James’ Park dressing room. However, with Barcelona and Arsenal also reportedly showing an interest in Ravel, Newcastle are not alone in recognising Morrison’s talents.

What do you think? Do the pros outweigh the cons in Newcastle’s pursuit of Ravel Morrison?

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  • jay says:

    why bid for a problem player , i mean we have had just about enough of nile ranger , yea the lad must have something about him and some genius have floors in personality but he is all about potential as is ranger. These wana be gangster rappers need to realise they are in a great position at super football clubs and stop imagining they are living in south central L.A. We should concentrate on positions we need numbers in like centre back and strikers, instead of mr ashley thinking about buying in stock to sell on in the future, WE AINT SPORTS DIRECT JABBA!!!

  • Richard says:

    Got to look at the long term picture and not just short term. Bargain if he works out cheap flop if he doesn’t. Yes we need some short term numbers but future development helps maintain a club. Saints are on the way back up due to three player. Walcott, bale and chamberlain…. They don’t play for saints any more but the investment has rewarded saints with some vital dollar

  • jay says:

    i agree if the money is reinvested richard there the problem lies !

  • RedScot says:

    Thats their view the two Numpties from the Red fag flying high.They know nothing more or nothing less than anbody else.
    The self same attention seeking twats, will being singing how we always new Ravel and Paul would stay at the biggest club in the world.
    Good win today ‘Barcodes’ loved Ray Wilkins commentary pass the ball to a team mate, keep the ball.Thats the Crab for you, sideways pass.

  • Nobby says:

    he sounds like a knacka.

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