Newcastle can tell Tottenham and the rest where to go

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Demba Ba - Newcastle United strikerGiven Demba Ba’s form for Newcastle United this season, it is inevitable that the Senegalese striker will be the subject of much interest from other Premier League clubs. Ba’s 15 league goals put him only behind Arsenal’s Robin van Persie in Premier League top goal scorers’ chart and his finish against Manchester United in the week was sublime. However, Tottenham Hotspur’s interest in Demba Ba has gone one step too far.

With December Premier League Player of the Month Demba Ba going off the play for Senegal in the African Cup of Nations this week, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has revealed his interest in the lover of strawberry syrup, but there was also a much bigger revelation. From a press conference with Redknapp, it was revealed that Demba Ba has a release clause in his contract with Newcastle, which will be something of a concern for Magpies fans.

This is what Harry Redknapp said in the press conference yesterday when he was asked about a possible release clause for Demba Ba. Harry said “They say there’s a release clause in his contract – that’s what we all hear.” So if it wasn’t already, Ba’s release clause is now common knowledge and the rumours doing the rounds today in the Daily Mail are that the fee is as little as £10 million. That’s peanuts for a striker in the form Demba Ba’s in, so it looks like Alan Pardew might have a fight on his hands to keep Ba at St James’ Park this month.

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In an ideal world Newcastle manager Alan Pardew would tell his fellow Premier League managers where to go, but it isn’t as simple as that when big money’s involved as was shown by Liverpool’s purchase of Andy Carroll this time last year. However, there are a couple of things in Newcastle’s favour, with the main one being Demba Ba himself. Ba seems to be a really down to earth guy and with him doing so well at Newcastle, he might be reluctant to move on again so soon and although it’s a rarity these days, a footballer might actually show some loyalty.

Also, Ba is of course on his way to Africa, so it might be slightly more difficult for clubs to negotiate a deal for Demba. He won’t return until February, so the deadline day madness might not come about. Then there’s the issue with his knee. Ba might have proved his fitness this season, but in the back of any manager’s mind must be a few nagging doubts. Surgeons hammered a 25cm nail into Ba’s right leg, so the fact that he’s been injury-free of late is something of a minor miracle.

Finally, would astute businessman Mike Ashley be so naïve as to put such a low release clause on Demba Ba? If he did, then I’d have thought the Newcastle hierarchy would have been desperately trying to tie Ba down to a new deal and put them in a position of power when clubs did come knocking. If Ba did leave for around £10 million it would be a travesty, so let’s just hope Ashley and Pardew can tell Tottenham and the rest where to go…

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  • tony says:

    I’m a Spurs fan and Redknapp’s biggest fault is that he can’t keep his mouth shut, the reporter asked him about Ba and Harry answered, but you are very naive if you don’t think every club in the Premier league knew about the clause – his agent would have made sure of that sure of that. It is also possible that Ba only agreed to sign if the clause was inserted. Football is a dog eat dog world and if enough money is waved at Ba and his agent he will go – the only loyal people in football now are the fans. That said I doubt Spurs would break the clubs wage structure for Ba although someone like Man City might move for him.
    Great win against Utd bye the way.

  • Peter4Spurs says:

    Do u really think Ba will stay at N’castle when Spurs can offer C/L footie? … Say TaTa BaBa … Ashley is even more of a skinflint than our Levy so when we flash the cash he will flash the player … You have one of the best managers around (better than AVB, Wenger etc.) and it’s him u need to keep as only he will keep u up in the PL … until u get rid of Ashley you will never be anything but also ran’s as he is only worried about the ££££ and not the history of a once great club … how do I know, well at Spurs we have been there before (many times) …. best of luck for the future.

    • rob says:

      You think Daniel Levy is a skinflint? Try incredibly shrewd businessman, and the best chairman in the league.

      • Stoney says:

        I agree with you rob. We’re not in debt and we’ll be back in the champions league next season. All part of Levy’s master plan. How anyone can knock him beggars belief. We should be praising him more.

        • rob says:

          Some people are never happy Stoney. Levy is a dream chairman. You know that he will pay an astronomical amount if a truly world class player should be a realistic option, but he also clips Redknapp’s wings when he starts trying to shoehorn dross like Joe Cole into the club.

          On the subject of Redknapp, a deafening silence has ensued from all the ‘Redknapp is ruining Tottenham’ knuckle draggers.

    • Tom Jones says:

      Thanks for the good luck message Peter

  • Deana says:

    I think Harry redknapp should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on keeping modric. If I was Pardew I would go on the attack and mention Harry’s dodgy dealings in the transfer market. Everyone knows the man is a crook. A very ugly one too. Nob head!

  • bog says:

    his agent is the one you need to blame, he would of let all and sundry know about the clause. personally i wouldnt want Ba, i know he has scored a lot of goals this season but i dont think he will do it consistantly, more like a one season wonder. Although at £7 million he would be worth the punt. Peter we cant offer champions league yet mate, its a long way to go.

  • bog says:

    on another note it does piss you off when everyone unsettles your players, Harry should remember how the Modric story dragged on and how it affected us at the start of the year.

  • Stoney says:

    Levy would never sanction the deal on medical grounds. Everybody knows Ba has a knee of a 80-year-old and once it goes again he’s done for. Good luck for the rest of the season and make sure you finish above the chavs and the goonies. Would love to see Newcastle in the CL with us.

  • Jay says:

    I think the Newcastle fans are going off on one again and are making themselves come across as stupid…..yes I agree if Newcastle fans were running the club then Demba Ba wouldnt be sold and you can tell spurs where to go…..unfortunately for you a Londoner runs your club and will sell when ever theres profit.

    You make yourselves seem stupid you did this with Carroll and then he was sold…its football…. at least Redknapp is being honest and if there is a clause expect Demba to go.

    We are far superior to you, even though I am mightily impressed with how you have been playing this season.

    By the way with the Modric comments one HUGE difference, Chelsea cam knocking we refused the bids….Modric stayed and now we are well clear of Chelsea and Modric is playing amazingly…….You guys sold Carroll to Liverpool and now you are below them.

    Carroll left and it was a step up…Modric stayed and for him it was a step up…if he would have joined Chelsea he would be playing for a team lower in the table.

    • rob says:

      To be fair I think Newcastle have flourished somewhat without Carroll, whereas I’m decidedly underwhelmed by Liverpool.

    • Tom Jones says:

      Jay, I think you’re the one coming across as a little bit stupid. Liverpool are one point ahead of us and at the time of Modric dealings Chelsea were ahead of you. Beware of how quickly things can change in football…

  • spurs guvnor says:

    Whoever Tottenham Hotspur want they shall get, its as simple as that.

  • toon fan says:

    nufc will do everything to keep ba…redneck should keep his mouth shut & as for carroll saga.. we rejected 30 mio form liverpool, we sold him for 35 AFTER he put in trasnfer request.

  • rob says:

    I find it hard to sympathise with any team short sighted enough to insert a release clause in any player’s contract. You are basically putting a limit on how successful the player can be because if he goes past a certain level of form a bigger club will buy him. Simple as that. Newcastle are a big club, so lets say richer club. You may as well not sign the player.

    Harry having a big gob is nothing new. He is sometimes sly, but he also will answer virtually any question he is asked without playing games which is commendable and refreshing yet naive at times. On this occasion though I definitely think he is being sly.

    I would say to Newcastle fans however that if the worst happened for you and he did end up going to Spurs you could console yourslves in the knowledge that Ba would become a perennial crock who we would get 40 games out of in three years.

  • jay says:

    Guys, especially the jordys out there. The press asked redknapp about players he needed for positions as the transfer windows open now. The press asked him the question ‘Your light up front and its been rummoured your interested in ba’ Redknapp said, ‘Well he is a great player and everyones looking at him (they have taken note due to his form) but right now he is doing a great job for newcastle’ the press then said ‘apparentely there is a release clause’ to which harry said ‘They say there’s a release clause in his contract – that’s what we all hear’ it was the press putting words in his mouth and we all know redknapp needs to shut up more often but he just likes to talk. It was innocent but the implications bigger. At the end of the day spurs are a step up from newcastle right now. An with ashleys record, if a bid comes in for ba he will be sold. We all know it, its why newcastle fans are so up in arms against this.

  • lesley hunter says:

    Have no fear he’ll be off – had no second thoughts about leaving West Ham even though West Ham were the ONLY team interested in him with his medical history. He had been rejected by other clubs e,g, Stoke. He obviously has no allegiance to anyone and will go where the grass is greener- he has a very shrewd agent!

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