A Liverpool swap plus cash could tempt Ash


The return of Liverpool striker Andy Carroll to Newcastle United transfer rumour has gone full circle this week. Taking place purely in the imagination of newspaper journalists, Liverpool were said to be willing to let Carroll go for £20 million, but that Newcastle would only stump up £10m for a player that they sold for £35m less than 12 months ago. Liverpool then said they weren’t interested in selling and Newcastle didn’t want to buy; so is that the end of the rumour? Of course not, as until the January transfer window slams shut Carroll will be linked with a return to St James’ Park and as chairman Mike Ashley is always sniffing out a good deal, then there’s a potential swap deal that might just get him interested.

Ashley works off a pretty simply business plan; buy players on the cheap and sell them for a big profit. Although Carroll was already at the club, he made sure that when he did leave it would be for a humongous fee. In the summer Demba Ba was brought into the club on a free transfer; 6 months and 15 Premier League goals later and his value is in excess of £10m and probably even closer to £20m. This of course could all change dependent on whether the Senegal striker does have a release clause of around £7m in his contract, which following on from Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp’s various comments throughout the week, we’re none the wiser to knowing whether that exists or not. However, given that his knee is a ‘ticking time bomb’, his rise in value is still pretty remarkable.

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Working on the proviso that there is no straight forward release clause, Mike Ashley is in a position of power when it comes to Demba Ba. He’s the most wanted striker in the Premier League right now and the cash signs will be lighting up in Ashley’s eyes. Manchester United and Spurs are both reportedly interested, but Liverpool have shown that they’re not afraid to spend big to get their man. They could even be tempted to part with a certain Andy Carroll and sizeable sum of cash to get him. Sell Carroll for £35m in 2011, throw Ba into the deal and get him back in 2012 with some money on the side; sounds like the perfect deal for Newcastle, doesn’t it?

I’m not one to throw a spanner in the works, but Ba being on international duty at the African Cup on Nations could be a hindrance, as could the fact that Liverpool say there’s no truth in the stories stating that they want rid of Carroll. But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good transfer rumour! Don’t be surprised if you see Ashley selling Demba Ba in exchange for Andy Carroll and a bit of change before January’s up.

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  • Fredo says:

    Stupid fantasy story. More likely it will be Toite and Ba, straight swap for Carroll. Ba can be bought for 7mil wheather Newcastle want to sell him or not. So liverpool can just pay the 7mil if they want him. I can see Liverpool buying a new striker because Carroll clearly isnt working out for them, but then they could swap Carroll for Toite as they need a DM, with Lucas out for the season.

  • Arron says:

    Rather have ba!!

  • Sharpy17 says:

    Your a muppet and this is just lazy writing. I am only leaving this post so that my time wasn’t totally wasted reading this crap!!!

  • Paul says:

    How many times are you going to keep stirring this shite, Denba is not going anywhere it would be nearly impossable for him to complete a deal with anyone as he is at the Acon until early/mid feb and by that time it will be too late, too came back now and do a deal would require alot of work by him to get back and discuss a deal then sign a deal then get back training for the games he’s got in a few days time there is only 9 days until the tornament starts.
    keep dreaming but keep them dreams to yourself because all your doing is stirring the shit that has started to die down.

  • Tommo Toon says:

    “Stupid fantasy story. More likely it will be Toite and Ba, straight swap for Carroll. Ba can be bought for 7mil wheather Newcastle want to sell him or not”

    lol! great understanding of a clause….fool.

  • RoscoRich says:


    “Ba can be bought for 7mil wheather Newcastle want to sell him or not.”

    You know this for fact?? Please tell me more…

  • David says:

    £35m plus for a player with a knee that is described as a ticking time bomb and who spends a lot of time playing in the Cup of African Nations when crucial EPL matches are scheduled! Please don’t forget the Liverpool FC manager is a Scot.

    Wise up!

  • Toon army says:

    Fredo you are off your head. Working on your logic of ba being available for 7 million you are saying that tote will go for 13 million. Are you serious? He’s twice the player of Carroll, always was and always will be. In addition it seems your yet another fan whose read the headlines and jumped to conclusions. Ba DOES have a release clause of less than ten million, however that is money straight to Newcastle. Because of the release clause there are higher agent fees, and you need to pay insurance for his knee. Whoever gets Ba will have to stump up some twenty million. Yes we signed him on a free transfer in that w ham got nothing, but he still cost us five million!

  • cupidddstunt says:

    Yep David you are right there, a Scot that was well and truly taken to the cleaners when he forked out £35 million of someone else’s money on an unproven troublesome young footballer and also left in a sell on clause.

    We welcome the scousers interest as MA will just rip them a new a**ehole like he did with the Carroll deal.

    Holly sh*t 35 mil up front with a sell on, you’re welcome any time.

    Fredo you are a dumb sh*t your first three words are the only thing that saved you looking like a complete moron.

  • Stan says:

    Keep on dreaming… Carroll plus cash for Demba Ba…hahaha thats the funniest thing ive heard…go back to sleep in lalaland..lmfao
    Carroll going nowhere..

  • BillytheFish says:

    Andy Carroll signed a 5 year contact on £85K per week.

    Now do you really think Ashley will match that?

    Please move on to something worth discussing.

  • Toon69 says:

    Just cause Carroll was sold for £35m, doesn’t make him worth £35m, not after only scoring 5 goals since joining Cessepool… the fact that rumour say that Ba has a release clause doesn’t mean it’s for £7m either, other rumours have it at £10m, £12m+… so take your pick, either way he’s not interested in a move to Cessepool, jeez the guys already said he not interested in a move to Manc Usa so why do yous think Cessepool or anyo ther PL tema have his eye… get a life or get real… he ain’t moving anywhere!!!

    • LFCEVO says:

      Oh, he said he’s not interested in a move ….. so in the prem that makes that final, lol have you never seen a transfer window before?

  • joeythespade says:

    Ba has already been registered to play for 2 clubs this season (West Ham and Newcastle), so if any team actually did buy him in this window he wouldn’t be eligible to play for them until next season! (He’d still probably score more than Carroll though, just watching from the stands!) YNWA

    • LeesyNUFC says:

      Sorry but that’s rubbish the rule is you cant register with 3 teams in the same transfer window so of course Ba would be able to play for any team you mongaloid, plus what a load of rubbish this story is complete utter rubbish

  • Denis says:

    King Kenny should swap A Carroll for C Tiote and Cabaye. As Bellamy you should be played as striker with Gerrard in the hole just behind until Suarez is back from ban,D Kuyt should/needs to be sold to Galatassary for £8-£10M and that money should be Re invested on D J Hoillet Of Blackburn for £5-£9M.

  • Archie says:

    Cannot understand why you are even talking about this garbage

  • jonesey says:

    Carrol IS STAYING. But I would sell Kyut because he is not a striker and is now 31 – CASH IN

  • Darren says:

    Listen to all u mugpies.call us coz we have cash and we r willing to pay money.u all hate ashley anyway.do 1.I’m sick of this crap with Carroll he is staying we r not a club that’s selling .we r buying.please stop the crap and be aware ba is going to be sold simple as that.Lfc for Eva .well done to the true legend in gerrard for committing his whole career to Lfc

  • given to you very easily laid out:

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