THREE letters Ashley has seemingly forgotten

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Over the course of the last month, fans were craving new signings. However, Mike Ashley seemingly had other ideas and other priorities. Ashley isn’t really a football chairman, he’s a businessman, and in the 21st century it seems like those two professions are mutually exclusive. So while top of the fans’ list of priorities was a new signing, preferably a number nine, it appears that Mike forgot three of those letters and instead got a new sign!

Enough of the joking, this is a fairly serious matter. The picture above from .com clearly shows the ‘ United’ lettering from the roof of the east stand being dismantled. This famous sign is an iconic image of St James’ Park, and to change it would anger a lot of Newcastle fans. Talk’s Steve Wraith said “It is sad to see a piece of history being dismantled. It has been there for a lot of years and means a lot to the fans.”

Wraith was also quick to point out that he “broke the news on six weeks ago that it was coming down.” So there’s been no secret that this was going to happen, but the hierarchy have said that it will be replaced with identical lettering; what’s the point in removing it in the first place then? The fear is that Ashley will put something commercial up. The Sports Direct logo has already been added to the roof of the Gallowgate End, and Wraith has said: “It will be interesting to see what they replace it with. I do hope it is nothing commercial.”

Here on NothingButNewcastle.com, Dondatta13 pointed out that the picture that accompanied ’s statement regarding their business in the transfer window was a very strange one. He said “As for the United sign on the east stand… please take a look at this recent pic (see below) I have never seen the stadium shot from this angle… I think they have already done the dirty.” There’s no doubting the picture below is framed to remove the east stand, but what do you think we’ll see there for ’s next home game against Blackburn, and how angry will you be if Sports Direct is emblazoned all over the stand?

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  • Ash-out says:

    There’s only TWO letters I want to say to Ashley and the second one is O.

  • adam night says:

    The only new sign I want to see now is “for sale”

  • Goal Mouth says:

    People’s need to perpetuate bad feeling is f***in’ astounding.

    If only the same amount of effort went into actual support, we’d probably win something.

    Take a long hard look at yourselves, before it’s too late.

    Depressing bastards!

  • Ash-out says:

    There’s only one person perptuating bad feeling at this club and he’s running it.
    Take a look at yourself Goal Mouth (or should I say Big Mouth) because it’s people like you who are rolling over and taking everything Ashley offers you.
    He must love supporters like you.

    • Goal Mouth says:

      Ooo, they don’t don’t like it up ’em.

      Your pathetic little abuse won’t stop people with differing views from putting them forward.
      So no, You take a look at yourself-ish bullsh**.

      I don’t ‘roll’ with anybody kidda, i make me own mind up, you run with the pack all you like.
      I don’t give a sh** for ashley, i support the Toon.
      So stick your poison & hatred where the sun don’t shine.

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