Would a move for Arsenal reject be so bad?

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Every Newcastle fan is waiting with baited breath for the Andy Carroll money to be spent. Not least to lift the doom and gloom that has developed on Tyneside following bad news over both Kevin Nolan’s and potentially Joey Barton’s departure. And now Alan Pardew is ready to begin his revolution at St. James with a much-needed restructuring of his forward line. This week, the former Southampton boss will launch a bold £8m bid for Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner.

The not-so-great Dane will almost certainly be leaving the Emirates this summer after failing to establish himself in the first team. Bendtner has made little impact at Arsenal. His 22 Premiership goals in four years at the club demonstrate he is not ready for the pressures and demands of being a top player at a top club.

But from Bendtner’s perspective, will he be interested in the move? Newcastle United is a fantastic club with undoubtedly the most fervent supporters in the Premiership, but will Bendtner, a known egotist and fantasist, want to retreat from the limelight to actually knuckle down and improve as a player? I doubt it.

With reported interest from Bayern Munich and Schalke and a host of other European clubs, Bendtner’s agent will be hectic were Arsenal to accept Newcastle’s offer. The Danish international sees himself as one of the best strikers in the world, so a move to one of Europe’s top clubs is surely a prerequisite for him.

But the reality of the situation is that Bendtner could do no better than moving to a ‘smaller’ club, cementing his place in their line-up and beginning to regularly fulfil the vague hint of promise he has demonstrated all too infrequently. A team like Newcastle, whose fans all share in the collective fondness for any striker who works hard and scores goals, represents an excellent opportunity for the Arsenal man. At St. James’ Park, he would still be competing in the best league in the world, he’d be given regular football, in fact you could imagine the team being built around him.

It is difficult to suggest how the bid will be received by Newcastle fans. Many fans feel as if Bendtner is not good enough to lead the line at St. James’ and the club will only be able to achieve a relatively mid-table position at best with him in the team. However, others choose to interpret it as tangible proof that owner Mike Ashley is not clinging onto the Carroll cash and will invest significantly for the good of the team.

I don’t doubt that Bendtner would do a job for Newcastle and there is no issue of Arsene Wenger letting him go. The only matter to be resolved are the Dane’s misleading pangs of ego, and the Newcastle fans apprehension at his arrival.

Written by Chris Smith

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  • dave says:

    would be an awful signing

  • James says:

    Demba Ba and Bendtner would be a pretty impressive frontline for Newcastle.

    Can’t see Bendtner joining Newcastle or any other Premier League club, though. Will probably move to a top German club.

  • JohnW says:

    I agree with Dave. Signing Sturridge would be showing ambition.

  • nick says:

    Your wrong he isn’t a bad player we stuck him on the wing far too many times. He could be a very good signing for newcastle..having said that I highly doubt he would want to move to a mid table team that’s in the process of letting all its best players go.

  • james says:

    As an Arsenal fan, i honestly think he would be a great signing for newcastle. And no, i’m not joking. He comes up with some quality goals, his scoring record isn’t too bad for club and country either. I think with more game time he will become more prolific and will certainly fit in more with newcastle’s style of play than arsenal’s. The fact that he’s been played on the wing all season has hidden his talent and he’s definately underated (obviously not by himself though 😉 )

  • Rory says:

    Bendtner has great potential and his stats are quite impresseive given the amount of games he’s started for arsenal, and most of those being deployed on the right wing. I genuinely can’t see a huge difference in quality between bendtner and Carroll. It’s just work ethic that sets them apart. Bendtner is no good for arsenals style of play, but would be a good potentially great signing for nufc.

  • JohnW says:

    Nick, we don’t want him. We have let Nolan go, nobody else. To much paper talk and people believe it. We still have Barton and Enrique has been offered a longer and better contract. What more can NUFC do mate? We aren’t all an Arsenal , we can not guarantee CL Football so its a little harder to keep hold of our best players in comparison to you lot. Up to now we have let one first team player go. Ranger is off but not a first team player. Campbell and Kuqi are off because of their age.

  • Andy says:

    Newcastle would do well to sign Nicklas Bendtner. He’s young. Great header can and will shoot with both feet.He’s alot better than many give him credit for.
    Has he missed sitters – sure. But he has an impressive games started to goal ratio and he gets alot of assists in there as well.
    Is his ego and presshandling annoying – hell yes. But he’s a striker that will never lose confidence. Confidence is the key for strikers – look at Torres if you doubt it.

  • nick says:

    Lose nolan to another prem team but west ham I mean come on. Joey barton is another he won’t stick around another one who has been quality for newcastle having said that I hope we don’t sign him. Enrique now I would take him if clichy goes. I wasn’t having a dig at newcastle but a club your size doesn’t and shouldn’t need to get rid of your best players. Good luck next season by the way

  • gazzap says:

    Arsenal fan here, and I agree with other arsenal fans on here. His goals to minutes-on-pitch ratio is as good as any top prem striker. He rarely played but always performed when he did and that was mostly from his hated position on the right. He is a good player but he cant get in the team when Van persie is fit. He works hard, holds the ball very well and can finish. I will be sad to see him go but he doesn’t fit into a 4-3-3. A 4-4-2 would see Bendtner at his best. I think there is a myth that Wenger always gets the best out of players. its not true. He has destroyed Arshavin and Nik B – possibly Theo to an extent too.

  • Sam Clark says:

    “Not least to lift the doom and gloom that has developed on Tyneside following bad news over both Kevin Nolan’s and potentially Joey Barton’s departure.”

    Eh ?? What doom and gloom?? Whereabouts on Tyneside are you mate? If there is any it must be microscopic or at sub atomic level

  • J-Bizzle says:

    Would be an awful signing…this lad is poor, only to be made to look less poor in a good side. I genuinely believe that Ameobi would have done a better job at Arsenal in that team, given the huge increase in chances he would have been presented with. And Ameobi is also *****…nuff said!!

  • shawzie100 says:

    Well my intention was to say that he would be a bad signature for newcastle but having read the arsenal comments I may be wrong. Mind anyone who we do sign I hope succeeds anyway 🙂

  • Phil K says:

    Bentner – if only he was half as good as he believes himself to be. If he was, he’d be a great signing. He’d be a 20 goal a season man.
    He ISN’T.

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