QPR can cash in on Newcastle’s amateurish dealings

Date: 26th August 2013 at 10:16 am
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Loic Remy and Joe Kinnear’s been at it again as he spoke to the Mirror yesterday and revealed some bad news for Newcastle United, but some good news for QPR, as he admitted that the Magpies don’t have an option to buy at the end of his season-long loan.

Loic Remy’s Newcastle career hasn’t exactly started well, as the Frenchman is yet to wear the famous black and white shirt in a Premier League encounter.

The 26-year-old has been ruled out of Newcastle’s opening fixtures against Manchester City and West Ham with a niggling calf injury, and he still has to face a trial on suspicion of gang rape next month.

So he may never even play for Newcastle and now Director of Football Joe Kinnear has revealed that, contrary to prior reports, there is no option to buy as part of the deal.

Kinnear firstly said: “I sanctioned the one-year loan deal for Loic Remy, and if it goes pear-shaped I will take responsibility for it,” so it seems like Joe has been acting alone.

He continued: “But if he scores goals and does well for us, Alan will be happy with our end of the deal; the player will be happy because he will come into contention for a World Cup place with France,” which is all fine.

However, Kinnear concluded: “If both those things happen, Remy will go back to QPR as a World Cup player with a higher value than when he joined them, so everyone will come out of it well.”

Thus Kinnear is inferring that Remy will go back to QPR whatever happens during his time at Newcastle, which just seems ludicrous.

It would be amateurish not to have an agreed fee in place for the end of the deal, but then that’s a word that describes Newcastle’s activities pretty much perfectly right now.

7 thoughts on “QPR can cash in on Newcastle’s amateurish dealings

  • Sandy Ellis
    2 years ago

    Clown waiting for his suit DISASTER
    Going Down. 100%

  • Al C
    2 years ago

    Hope you lot do go down – might finally inject some much needed humility. I never minded Newcastle in the past, but ever since Remy joined us instead of THE ALMIGHTY TOON we’ve never heard the end of it – how sweet it would be to swap places come the end of the season, maybe get this whole “we’re far better than tiny QPR, who on earth would rather sign for them?” attitude out of your heads.

    Also, seems Toon fans have short memories – you guys did actually get relegated before with a full Premier League squad. Remember? The whole Alan Shearer thing? Then, you blitzed the Championship. I seem to recall out of all your home games that season, we actually gave you the closest run for your money narrowly missing out on being the only side to win at St James Park after drawing 1-1 in a pretty well fought fixture after a 70th minute equaliser by Marlon Harewood.

    That was in 2009 – not so long ago that you should have forgotten. Think on Toon fans, sh!t happens to everyone, and you’re not better than anyone else.

  • RAB
    2 years ago

    Thanks Al C,

    Nice sentiment, thanks for your good wishes, The Almighty Toon, I am pleased you have that opinion of us. I hope we don’t go down. I have supported Newcastle Utd for all my life winning when I was 7 the Fairs cup. So glory hunting isn’t my reason for my support which has been tested so badly since Mr Ashley joined us, the only Billionaire who does not spend money. The jokes of appointments into our club of cronies, people that owe him money or people either casino managers or crocked too old football men is certainly interesting. The loyalty of fans like me has been taken for granted and only the support of the team and club not the current administration is what keeps us going. The article above is true we have been amateurish in the contract given to Remy without an agreed final fee. regardless of which club. It was a surprise that Remy went to a team looking towards relegation last year but money talks and good luck to him with his choices. I hope you come up and when Remy returns to you he has had a great season for us and hopefully not another relegation season.

    Your other comments about Newcastle’s failures don’t worry we all know them all not just since 2009 with our glorious PL squad of money grabbers and people with no heart or love for the club , live them and don’t need any reminders we are the Cinderella club, but we never get to the ball let alone the prize. Maybe before I die we will something, but as my mam used to say winning isn’t everything, and given a choice I would rather have a team of local lads playing for us with some heart than all these mercenaries a bit like Bilbao and win nothing.

    2 years ago

    If you give Remy the service he will score goals for you, he played about 14 games for us ( QPR ) and scored 6 or 7 goals plus he was injured too i think he will do alright for Newcastle good luck for the season.

  • Lee Gould
    2 years ago

    Didn’t Mike Ashley who is so bad for Newcastle pump £50 million of his own money in to the club the year you went down? I would say that perhaps Newcastle owe him some gratitude!
    Where are all the multi millionaire Newcastle supporters willing to take the club on. I dont see many of them coming forward.
    Just a point on your comment as to why didn’t Joe Kinnear tie up a transfer option at the end of the loan, have you considered that maybe QPR didn’t offer him the chance. If we get promoted he will be back at QPR to play in the Premier so why would he need to play for Newcastle? Just saying

  • Mark
    2 years ago

    Remy is an incredible talent and I’m sure Newcastle would have wanted an option to buy him but that would have been terrible business for QPR. The big unknown is how the rape charge will go. I suspect the deal was you either buy him now and take the risk on the trial or you loan him for a year (QPR therefore take the risk) then we get him back hopefully with an increased value if he does well for you. I suspect if he does play well, QPR don’t go up and Remy doesn’t go down, Newcastle will buy him but it will cost them a few more quid!

  • Irish R
    2 years ago

    Mark has hit the nail on the head. The only reason he is still not in our squad is because its a world cup year and he would not make the French team playing in the championship. If and it’s a big if, we get promoted straight back we still have our player and as Mark said if we do not make it he is up for grabs but hopefully after playing well in the world cup hence a better price tag. What’s wrong with that, that’s what we say is being a cute whoore here in Ireland that is a clever financial move. If ye don’t like it, send him back as there are others interested. All Remy is concerned with is playing at the highest level this year and which prem club is not a problem for him. Embrace it, it may work in your favour if Ashley loosens his purse strings this time next year. If not, don’t blame QPR!


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